AHW IT Advisory Services provides CIO Advisory Services to small to medium sized business clients. We provide world class CIO talent, experience and expertise at a fraction of the cost of a high powered, full time CIO. Small and medium sized businesses can not afford a high-priced CIO, nor do they need one on the payroll full time basis.

AHW IT Advisory Services provides a CIO level resource for an upfront Strategic Technology Planning project followed by a pre-defined monthly or quarterly support schedule; we can provide our clients with this world class technology leadership at a cost appropriate to the business.

During Strategic Technology Planning session our goal is understand your business and your support needs and then define the technology and infrastructure that you would ideally need. As part of our planning exercise we look at all aspects of your technology support needs to determine the most effective way to support your business while keeping in mind your cost constraints. We make it our business to help optimize the cost/value equation. This assistance generally starts with helping our clients develop a plan.

During this planning session, AHW IT Advisory Services will interview your executive team, visit all key locations and work with your internal team to develop a Strategic Technology Plan.

At AHW we believe technology should exist to support the business, not the other way around. We will help you drive out IT cost/waste. We will not implement technology because it is new and exciting, nor are we interested in building a technology resume at your expense. We will provide high impact, practical technology consulting advice and service to optimally support your business.