At Arnold, Hancock & Wallach P.L.L.C., we provide full-service small business accounting in the Permian Basin, including payroll and financial write-ups. You can trust our business professionals for every aspect of your company’s accounting needs. While many firms specialize in either tax or accounting, we offer flexible and comprehensive services to minimize the time and effort you spend on getting necessary assistance to achieve business success.

With our help, business owners can focus on creating more billable hours, while we handle all back-office operations.

Creating Your Customized Accounting Plan

We welcome small business owners to visit our firm for their initial consultation. During this appointment, we seek to understand current bookkeeping documentation and processes at your office. We also take into consideration any employees who are currently handling any aspect of vital accounting functions. This helps us analyze your current internal controls, so we can make suggestions to improve efficiency. If you’re looking for day-to-day accounting help at your business, Arnold, Hancock & Wallach P.L.L.C., provides:

· Accounts payable
· Full cycle accounts receivable
· Invoice creation
· Vendor and bill management

Our clients can expect complete, hands-on service from our accounting firm. We take sales data, including shipments and hours worked, and create accurate invoicing for billable costs. This is particularly helpful for our professional service clients who pay costs up-front. Your invoices are sent directly to your clients and returned to our firm to be scanned and posted to QuickBooks. We can also pay bills on your behalf after you have approved them through our convenient digital system.

Bookkeeping Manager, Lacey Neyman, reviews every financial statement before sending them to clients. We can also provide customized financial reports, such as budget to actual, cash flow forecasting, as well as PLs, balance sheets, and receivables.

Small Business Payroll From Arnold, Hancock & Wallach P.L.L.C.

Our business accountants are available to answer any questions you may have regarding payroll or direct deposit reports, such as what you should claim or your company’s benefits policy. Many of our current payroll clients submit employee hours online, so our team can process their information and initiate direct deposits. We process 401K contributions, deduct from paychecks and process for IRAs, manage FSAs benefits, and help with annual insurance renewals for medical, dental, and vision.

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